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You are already a talented leader. You are ambitious and have worked hard to get where you are. You are
looking ahead to the next opportunity; perhaps a new challenge that will stretch your skills, broaden your
experience, and deliver rewards. You have come to the right place.

Consulting is all about helping
clients overcome their most vexing
challenges so we look for
candidates with the ability to frame
complex problems, think creatively,
find pragmatic solutions and have a
Monday-morning plan.

Strong problem-solving skills may
come in the form of team
experience, academic achievement,
group involvement or personal
What we look for...

SRG works with, and develops,
some of the worlds' top leaders
with the capacity not only to
contribute to teams, but to lead
them and our clients' organizations
to change.

Demonstrated leadership, whether
through work, school or
extracurricular activities, frames
your application in a favorable light.

SRG has a proud legacy of
generating results that have a
positive, measurable impact on the
client's objectives and reputations.

We want to see how you've been
instrumental in making a
quantifiable difference to an
organization, project or team's

And that you're able to present it

At SRG, passion is non-negotiable.
We look for candidates who are
enthusiastic and tenacious about
solving puzzles, who yearn to
succeed as individuals [and as part
of a team]. In short, people who are
committed to creating change in
their work and in the world.

Passionate people bring energy to
client engagements and to
helping both groups achieve
extraordinary outcomes.
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