SRG believes Within the Government Sector, we are only as good as our weakest
link. SRG takes seriously its role and re
sponsibility to assist all levels of State and
Local Governments in the uphill battle of locating and securing
talent that is wise
and complementary to Government..
The SRG Government Network specializes in the recruitment of top
of Government Sector Professionals within all branches of
both State and Federal Agencies
that meet the challenging
demands of
highly technical legislative projects or ongoing
maintenance programs.

We pride ourselves in submitting many levels of talented
professionals within their craft providing you the peace of mind
that the professionals that are within our network are highly
qualified, highly recommended and advanced in m
any disciplines
across the Government Spectrum.
Our Government Sector Network considers itself not only
passionate towards Talent Acquisition, but patriotic to our
Country. We take eminence pride in assisting State and Federal
Governments fulfill their project and maintenance demands.
such, our
Government Sector Division holds a unique blend of
passion for Recruitment and industry advancement, which
enables us to be dedicated to your organization's initiatives.  

As well, our classical recruitment philosophy, which our
workforce embraces believes in equally strong heartfelt
relationships with our clients as well as our candidates.  This
allows us the ability to efficiently submit
nothing less than
in-win situations..
Why partner with us?